What is HY-IQ (Hyper-Ionic Quotient)

The Hyper-Ionic Quotient (HY-IQ) within our product is a formula that has an enormous amount of embodied electrical energy. But how does that help kill germs? It;s quite simple, really. Germs, otherwise known as bacteria or viruses, have many differences in their physical makeup. However, as this very simple illustration to the right shows, they all have one feature in common.


The outer cell walls of both viruses and bacteria have paid of protein in the, (Image to the right)

These proteins are not chemically bound together like the lipids that make up the rest of the cell wall, but rather are held together by non-covalent bonds, or in laymen's terms, electromagnetic attraction. The positively charged side of the protein is attracted to the negatively charged opposite side of its neighboring protein. This creates a kind of "door" into the cell.


When we flood the infected surface with our product that has HY-IQ, we are able to electrically alter the structure of the cell. The overwhelming protonic charge of the sanitizer forces the proteins to re-align themselves. In doing so, they also separate from each other, because, as we all know, opposites attract and repel. (Image to right)

Now, a standard FDA approved biocidal agent, depicted in red capsules, has easy access to the interior of the germ, Once inside, the biocidal can now neutralize the bacteria or virus quickly, reality, and with minimal resistance. This leaves the surface, be it skin or otherwise, sanitized of virtually all harmful pathogens (Image to right)

What is the difference between Purell or Germ-X vs. Luyenex Hand Sanitizer?


  • Luyenex Hand Sanitizer with Hy-IQ technology is clinically proven to kill 120 times more germs in 30 seconds then either Purell or Germ-X.


Where are Luyenex products made?


  • USA!


Does hand sanitizer need alcohol to kill germs? 


  • NO!


Is Luyenexhand sanitizer water based?


  • YES!


Are Luyenex products safe for babies and children?


  • YES! Our product line is water-based and is designed to moisturize skin while effectively killing 99.99% of germs without the side effects of alcohol. Powered by nanotechnology, the Luyenex product line continues to kill hours after drying.


Do your products have an expiration date?


  • NO, they do not expire due to the HY-IQ Technology.


Do any of the Luyenex products have an odor?


  • NO, all of our products are odorless.


How long do Luyenex products kill germs?


  • Up to 4 hours of protection after application.


Is Benzalkonium Chloride safe to use?


  • Yes. It was recognized by the FDA as GRAS. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifics that the safe and effective concentration of benzalkonium chloride is 0.10-0.12% in first aid products. Aqueous solutions of benzalkonium chloride are not absorbed through the skin. It is approved in the US and Europe for use as a food additive.


What does Luyenex Hand Sanitizer feel like?


  • Silky and Smooth.


Does Luyenex have any harmful chemicals?


  • NO.


How effective are Luyenex products?


  • Luyenex product line kills 99.99% of Germs.


What is the Luyenex patented technology?


  • Hy-IQ (Hyper-Ionic Quotient)


Is Hy-IQ technology safe?


  • Yes, it is safe and proven not to damage the skin.


Is Benzalkonium Chloride gentle on your skin?


  • Yes, Benzalkonium Chloride is commonly used preservative in contact lens solutions and can be found as an ingredient in antimicrobial soaps, skin antiseptics, and spermicides. Safety Information:,,, It was concluded that Benzalkonium Chloride can be safely used as an antimicrobial agent at a concentration up to 0.1%


How does benzalkonium chloride kill bacteria? 


  • Benzalkonium chloride (BAC) is a wide spectrum quaternary ammonium antibacterial agent that has been used in various dental composites. It is cationically charged and induces antibacterial action through attraction to the negatively charged bacterial membrane.


Do any of the Luyenex products have an odor?


  •  NO, all of our products are odorless


Do your products have any fragrances or dyes?


  • No.


Are your products flammable?


  • No.


Have your products been tested and proven safe by an independent laboratory?


  • Yes.


Do you have a US Patent on your products? 


  • Yes.


Do Aphex Luyenex products prevent cross-contamination?


  • Yes, When applied to all surfaces including rubber gloves — Aphex proprietary technology protects up to 4 hours preventing cross-contamination.


Can you use Aphex products on rubber gloves?


  • Yes.